Previous Community Events and Exhibitis

Nothing gives a person a greater sense of ownership of the past than holding an artifact in their hand.  At CAS, we understand this, and are dedicated to offering members of the public as many opportunities as possible to come into direct contact with archaeologists and archaeological resources. 

Archaeology Day St. Paul's Episcopal Church Montessori School (San Antonio, TX)

CAS archaeologists Todd Ahlman, Patricia Christmas and Amy Reid visited St. Paul's for a public outreach event where students learned how to excavate, screen, survey, collect GPS data, and interpret archaeological sites.

Public Participation Days at Spring Lake

Public Participation Days were an integral and popular part of the research design for the 2014 Spring Lake Data Recovery. Members of the public were invited to come and work alongside archaeologists from CAS in order to learn about the archaeology of Spring Lake. The success of this program has convinced us that proposals for future publicly-funded excavations should include ample opportunities to include the public.

The Little Paint Site: Excavation and Discovery along the South Llano River

Little Paint Collection, Toyah phase artifacts
Toyah phase artifacts from the Little Paint Collection

Archaeologists from SWCA, Inc., working on behalf of the Texas Department of Transportation, uncovered what would become known as the Little Paint Site. This site featured a rich and clearly defined Toyah Phase (1300 - 1650 AD) component that quickly became the focus of the excavation.

Working with SWCA, CAS has designed and produced a traveling exhibit of the materials recovered from the Little Paint excavation. The explanatory panels for this exhibit have been carefully designed to provide the museum visitor with a clear understanding of what is currently known about the native people of the Toyah Phase and their lives, while selected artifacts bring the distant past to vibrant life.

Traveling Exhibit

CAS also offers a traveling exhibit that is available for use in your venue.  Please Contact CAS to learn more.