Maybe You'll Be An Archaeologist

Maybe You'll Be an Archaeologist

All children need positive encouragement and support in finding what they are passionate about - whether it is a certain sport, activity or subject. This wonderfully illustrated picture book presents a story about a young girl named Brea who was inspired to become an Archaeologist. As Brea pursues and lives out her dream job, readers of all ages will learn about what Archaeology is and why it is important.

What stands out about this book is that it focuses on a holistic and inclusive approach to Archaeology and provides an alphabetical glossary at the end of the book for readers who want to learn more. Brea's story also demonstrates how impactful it can be when an adult takes even a moment of their time to encourage a child's interests or talents. Paintings by artist J. Rene Perez add a humorous and eccentric tone to the story, which symbolizes Brea's unapologetic individuality while creating a fun reading experience for both young and adult readers. Maybe You'll Be an Archaeologist is a fantastic read both within and beyond the classroom and is a great book for kids and caregivers to read together.

Amy E. Reid is an Archaeologist and Curator who is passionate about improving and fostering the relationship between Archaeology, Indigenous communities and the broader community.

This book was written not only as a public outreach project, but also as a creative fundraising tool. 100% of the proceeds from book sales will go towards helping Amy and her colleagues at Texas State University's Center for Archaeological Studies (CAS) continue incorporating public outreach in the work they do as a Cultural Resource Management firm and Archaeological Repository

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