About the Archaeological Repository

Curation Facility

The Center for Archaeological Studies earned certification as a Curatorial Facility from the Texas Historical Commission in 2009. The THC Curatorial Facility Certification Program (CFCP) standards and criteria were used to design our curatorial facility and lab. Our facility provides over 3000 square feet of fully climate controlled storage for collections with preventive and routine maintenance performed by the university. Climate is controlled by a zoned HVAC system that regulates temperature and relative humidity and that filters air pollutants and particulates.

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Collections Management Policies & Procedures

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CAS's Archaeological Repository is responsible for preserving and maintaining archaeological collections obtained under Texas Antiquities Permits, as well as from Federal lands. We practice the highest professional standards in our collections management work, and believe that proper collections management is imperative to the preservation of our cultural heritage as well as promoting archaeological and anthropological research. You can be sure that our Curation Program is capable of providing long-term curatorial services using the latest curation and archival industry best practices.

We also bear the responsibility to engage stakeholder communities in discovery and stewardship of Texas' cultural heritage through exhibits, tours, presentations, and other public outreach offerings such as online exhibits and databases.

See our Collections Management Policies & Procedures to learn more about the collections we curate, and how we care for and provide access to them.

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