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Curation Preparation

 In addition to final curation of archaeological materials, CAS offers a variety of services to help you prepare your collection for curation, and to preserve it for the future. Contact CAS to determine how we can help you best!

Curation Preparation

Need help getting your collection ready for final curation? CAS's curation staff can help with that! For an additional fee, we will assess your collection and either prepare it for our curation facility, or guide your staff in doing so.


Preservation reproduction is a major part of safeguarding crucial data about a site. For this reason, all paper archival material -- the field and lab records and associated correspondence, etc. -- must be digitized for final curation at CAS. For a small fee, CAS staff will take that job off of your hands!

Public Outreach

CAS’s Curation Program is also capable of providing public outreach services in order to make information discovered in both academic and compliance archaeology available and accessible to the public.  Since public outreach is often required and/or offered as a mitigation option in Cultural Resources Management, CAS’s curation program will help you collaborate with project sponsors and submitting archaeologists in a joint effort to achieve this important objective. CAS can assist in designing and implementing suitable and effective strategies for the public display of archaeological materials including brochures, flyers, information panels, posters, internet exhibits, public presentations, and etc.

Coordination of Conservation Needs

Often, materials recovered from archaeological contexts require some form of conservation or stabilization to ensure their preservation. CAS professionals will help you coordinate these efforts by assessing and identifying specific conservation concerns, contacting conservation professionals with the expertise to care for your items, and keeping track of the process every step of the way!

Additionally, check out our workshops for continuing education and training in specific topics.