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Mission and Vision

The Center for Archaeological Studies (CAS) is a research center within the Department of Anthropology at Texas State University. CAS’s primary goal is to provide training and research opportunities to Texas State University students who wish to pursue a career in applied anthropology. With this goal in mind, CAS is committed to the following:

  • promoting archaeological and anthropological research in the New and Old Worlds;
  • providing student training in the fields of cultural resource management and archaeological research;
  • conducting archaeological investigations for federal, state, and local governments as well as priate entities as required by law;
  • assisting int he management of archaeological sites associated witht he Meadows Center at Spring Lake and other sites on Texas State University's campus;
  • serving as a Texas Historical Commission-certified curatorial repository for State-associated Held-in-Trust (HIT) collections as well as departmental, non-HIT, and gifted collections;
  • and, supporting public education through a better understanding of anthropology, including archaeology, in addition to history and the preservation of cultural resources.